Can’t you just give me the job…?


If I were to make a list of the 5 most stressful things I’ve had to experience in life so far, it would go something like this:

  1. Driving test
  2. Job interview/s
  3. Moving house
  4. Bad break-ups
  5. Organising a long distance holiday

I’ve got a job interview this Friday morning, and it’s my first in about 2 years. If we briefly refer back to the list above, you can see that job interviews are 2nd on my list of massively stressful things. As such, I have already started to feel those nervous flutters in my stomach as the hours slip by.

If anyone has any tips on how to beat the nerves, I’m anxious to hear them. I’m hyper-prepared; I’ve done my research, prepared my answers (but not too formulaically), found out where the office is and who’s interviewing me. But how can I make sure I remember to breathe? A surprisingly common occurence in tense situations, I notice that I’m breathing in, and in, and in, but never out. Suddenly, I need to do a massive breath out, but it’s already gone way too far.

Maybe I can take some inspiration from my friend Michelle. While on a search for her new career path, she texted me to say: “I’ve found the perfect job today and I’m going to get it.” This wasn’t her way of reassuring herself or looking for my approval – she was simply telling me that she was going to get the job. Unsurprisingly to both of us, she was offered the job on the same day as her interview. How does one get that kind of confidence?

So to prepare for Friday I just need to remember my strengths, weaknesses, to maintain good body language, give a firm handshake and most importantly – to breathe.


One Response to “Can’t you just give me the job…?”

  1. Good luck!

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