Commuting’s hard…but so am I


After commuting for two years, I started to wonder if I had been psychologically compromised by the experience. I began to mentally compile a list of ‘top 5 train irritations’, but 5 places proved to be woefully inadequate. Would 10 be enough? Let’s see.

  1. Snoring loudly
  2. Constant sniffing
  3. Women biting/clipping/painting/filing their nails
  4. Excessively loud music
  5. Excessive infringement on my personal foot/arm space
  6. Speaking very loudly on the phone
  7. Mobile phones/electronic devices with key-press tones
  8. Mobile phones with irritating ringtones
  9. Eating smelly food
  10. Eating food/chewing gum with mouth open

London underground posterWell this has covered my main gripes, but I know I could add to this list on a regular basis. I’d be happy to add any of your contributions, and know that I’m not alone in feeling my sanity slip away as I take my seat aboard an overcrowded, overpriced public transport disaster.

Of course, one way to deal with these issues is to plug in your MP3 player, close your eyes and dream of a better place. But if like me you wish to put your commute to better use (such as studying for a degree), it would make my day if once in a blue moon I could enjoy a quiet, pain-free journey to/from the city.

Good afternoon,

Please find my CV attached for your consideration in reference to the full-time researcher/writer role at MoneySavingExpert.

With two years of editorial experience at the UK comparison site, I can say with confidence that I am extremely familiar with Martin Lewis’ work and the MoneySavingExpert website and brand. Having read your site and weekly marketing emails regularly, I am excited about the opportunity to come and work there as a writer myself!

I have extensive experience of researching and writing consumer based articles, news, guides and marketing emails. I have specialised in the utilities and insurance sectors but have also written about multiple finance and communications products. I am passionate about consumer issues and would relish the opportunity to work for a brand that is dedicated to giving honest and relevant advice.

I believe I have the experience, talent and passion to make a strong addition to your team, and would be pleased to arrange a meeting and flesh out the experience detailed on my CV. Thank you for your time and I look forward to hearing from you,

Jennifer Davis


2 Responses to “Commuting’s hard…but so am I”

  1. 1 Michael

    I really don’t agree with your number 1! Yes, it’s kind of annoying but it’s also quite funny and gives everyone a reason to actually make eye contact with a fellow commuter and share a smile 🙂

    • I see your point – but while it’s funny for about 3 minutes, it then becomes incredibly annoying. I think it’s because it’s so repetitive and rhythmic…you can anticipate every snore and every snore gets more irritating!

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