How your blog inspired me


There aren’t many blogs that I follow religiously. In fact, there’s maybe only one or two I follow with enthusiasm, and one of them belongs to my sister. She doesn’t blog often, and when she does it’s usually about art, a subject I’ve never been drawn to. Even so, I’m always impressed at how easy and amusing her posts are to read.

So I began to wonder, what makes a blog worth reading? Of course, this is always going to be subjective, but for me I think it has to be the author’s passion for what they’re writing about.

It’s just like talking to someone in person and seeing that moment their eyes light up when they talk about something or someone they love. It could be their partner, a hobby, their job, or a whole range of things! So when someone is talking about something they feel passion for, it usually shines through in their writing.

I was inspired to write this post after reading a food blog written by a colleague of mine. I found that, much like a riveting book, it was hard to ‘put down’. I discovered a number of recipes that sounded delicious, and now feel compelled to try them. Tellingly, her love of good food translated so effectively that I became inspired to try something new; not always an easy task.

So far my blog has been a bit of a mash-up of whatever’s on my mind, as most of my passions probably don’t warrant a blog to themselves. But today I’ve been inspired to blog more frequently about things I care about, in the hopes that I too can inspire one or two people to try something new, from a new Xbox game to a West-end musical!


One Response to “How your blog inspired me”

  1. Awww – thanks Jen! I’m so glad I inspired you. I’ve just been reading your recent posts this morning, and looks like it was worth you getting into! You write beautifully – must be a family thing?!

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