How rain made our day


I had such a great day today that I felt compelled to blog about it.

My gorgeous boyfriend and I had a craving for a fish and chip lunch. So we got up at 8am and checked the weather; it was beautiful – not a cloud in the sky! We decided to head to the seafront and have some food on the beach.

Whitstable was our coastal town of choice. We parked the car and started with a walk through the quaint little high street. It was here that I lost my heart to the most ridiculously cute, heart-meltingly adorable puppy I’ve ever seen. According to the owner, it was a cross between a Shih tzu and a Chihuahua. It was about half the size of my cat and I loved it instantly. I don’t enjoy conforming to such an obviously girly, puppy-loving stereotype but it really was love at first sight.

After Keith had dragged me away from the puppy, he took me into each and every charity shop on the high street. I’ll admit, this is not a pastime I enjoy, but I humoured him for being such a good boyfriend! We also popped into the farmers market, where we tried a piece of sausage, some tasty brie and bought a piece of cake from one of the stalls.

We started to get peckish around 1, but our plans for fish and chips on the beach were scuppered by the bitter cold and spitting rain. As an alternative, we looked for a seafront restaurant with a view of the sea, but we could only find two! Both of them were charging just shy of £15 for their fish and chips, much more than we really wanted to pay, but we decided to go in, sit down and make the most of a tasty lunch.

From a choice of two restaurants, we went for a pub-restaurant called The Pearson’s Arms. From the outside, it looked like a bog-standard old man’s pub, but the inside couldn’t have been more different. Modern and cosy, we headed up to the restaurant on the third floor and managed to get a table for two. We were amazed at how busy the restaurant was, as the town had generally been very quiet. It was obvious that this restaurant had earned a reputation for itself.

The menu was relatively small, but I often find this to be a positive. The fewer the dishes, the more the restaurant can concentrate on making them amazing. We’d come for fish and chips, so that’s what we ordered. More specifically, it was ‘Beer battered cod served with dripping chips, mushy peas and tartare sauce’. When our food arrived, we were very pleasantly surprised. Beautifully presented, we had a small pot of 6 thick chips with crispy, brown edges. There was a lovely, succulent piece of cod coated in a golden batter, crispy and light with no hint of gooiness. Finally, a small dish of perfectly fresh, vibrantly green peas mashed with shallots and mint.

We both ate slowly and purposefully, to enjoy and savour every bite! When the waitress asked how we’d enjoyed our lunch, I was glad to report that it has been the best fish and chips we’d ever had. And it really was – I couldn’t recommend it highly enough. We probably ingested enough fat to sustain us for an entire winter, but in this instance, it was totally worth it. We paid for our drinks and left to have pudding on the beach, (the cake we’d bought from the farmer’s market earlier).

We sat behind one of the pieces of wood that separates the beach to shelter from the wind, and enjoyed a piece of millionaire’s shortbread while taking some interesting photos. It wasn’t long before we started to feel a few spits of rain. We stood up, and noticed that there was a very real chance that the apocalypse could be coming from the looks of the sky. Despite the obvious disappointment of the turning weather, it looked frickin’ awesome! After a few more pictures we headed back to the car to try to avoid getting soaked, although as it happens, we failed miserably.

By the time we made it back to the car, we were soaking wet and chilled to the bone. But we’d still had a lovely afternoon, and decided to finish it off by coming home and baking an apple cake as recommended on my colleague’s excellent food blog. We haven’t tried it yet, but it smells amazing so we still have high hopes. Most importantly, if you’re ever in Whitstable, you need to try the food at the Pearson’s Arms. It’s not like us to wax lyrical about a restaurant, so you know it’s got to be good!

Edit: I’ve now tried the cake. Even though I burnt the edges a bit (whoops!), it was bloody delicious. Yum!


2 Responses to “How rain made our day”

  1. sounds amazing! If only I hadn’t decided to go ‘veg’, it sounds like a great place to eat.
    I love your photos – really moody – and think the Keith one is lovely x

  2. 2 Dad

    It’s as if i was there! love the armageddon sky

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