My delightful day in Deal


Picture of my feetToday, Keith and I had a day off work together. The weather was nice, we were both up early and both had a craving to get out.

Considering that our original plan for seaside fish and chips last weekend went awry, Keith thought that maybe we should try again. In a ‘pin in the map’ style of choosing a destination, he came up with Deal on the East coast of Kent, and off we went.

Deal is only about an hour away, but as is characteristic of one of our adventures, we missed a turn and spent half an hour navigating through windy country roads. I didn’t really mind though, as 1) I was driving and 2) it’s more interesting that way!

The weather today was good. There was a definite bite in the wind, but as we were well wrapped up we didn’t really feel it. The sun was out and actually kept the beach surprisingly warm. Picture of a seagull

Now, as much as we love the seaside, including the familiar shrieking of seagulls, the wonderful fresh air and the mix of weird and wonderful architecture, Deal was not a town that particularly inspired me. Quiet and sweet for certain, it felt a bit like a haven for the elderly. A mix of pound shops, low quality clothing emporiums and high quality charity shops lined the high street, which left us a little cold after the ‘chi chi boutiques’ we’d been promised on the ‘Visit Kent‘ website.

But all was not lost. We found (just one!) fish and chip shop in the high street named ‘Mermaids fish and chips’ or something similar. We ordered 2 rounds of fish and chips, which we watched them fry from fresh. It took about 15 minutes to get our order, but as we were in no rush, we didn’t mind.

We took our meal straight to the beach and enjoyed what turned out to be a 5 star serving of takeaway goodness, gobbled down gratefully after our brisk walk along the seafront. Although it wasn’t quite as good as ‘The Whitstable Fish & Chips’ – it really was delicious and we enjoyed every bit of it. It was also half the price; always a relief!

After snapping a few sleepy seagulls and a very grumpy fish statue, we headed back to the car. Before we got there, we stopped in ‘East Kent’s best pub 2010’ (apparently), but were left deeply disappointed by what could only be described as a ‘distinctly average’ drinking establishment. The pub was called ‘The New Inn’, but despite having won this prestigious award, I found it difficult to find any reference to it, even on Google!


3 Responses to “My delightful day in Deal”

  1. 1 Becky

    Love the photos – particularly the first one (feet/see).

  2. 2 Becky

    I meant ‘sea’, not see – I tried to correct the spelling, but it had already submitted and I am frustrated that it appears one cannot edit post. Now my stupid spelling mistake is there for all and sundry to see and mock. I feel like such a fool.

  3. Well Becky, as my average visitor number to this blog is around 1 to 2 a day, I think it’s safe to say that the audience for your mistake is going to be fairly small.

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