My favourite Cornwall holiday snaps


In April this year, I went on holiday to Port Wrinkle in Cornwall with my boyfriend Keith, my parents, my big sister Becky and her husband Rich. We had a great house with an awesome view, and even the weather was on our side.

Instead of giving a step-by-step guide to the holiday, I’m going to post a selection of my favourite holiday pictures and explain any stories behind them! (Just click to see any of them in their semi-full glory).

This is a picture of the beach that was just a three or four-minute walk from our house. The only downside was, the walk back to the house was incredibly steep! Port Wrinkle was a very small town with a tiny harbour and rocky little beach where Rich, Keith and I took the opportunity to take some cool photos.

On the same beach near the house, my sister and Dad took the opportunity to do some excellent posing.

Near the start of the holiday we visited Looe, a sweet seaside town with a harbour and lots of interesting little shops. Keith and I went to explore the beach while the rest of the family kept warm and cosy in a nearby Cafe.

Keith decided to go for a paddle on the beach at Looe, and quickly realised that the water was extremely cold. I couldn’t miss the opportunity to snap his face and socks though!

One of our visits was to Cothele house and gardens – a beautiful old Tudor house that was decked out with olden-day furniture and wall hangings etc. The rooms were all very dark and dingy, but it did afford us some interesting photo opportunities. This is one of my favourite photos that I took of a plate on a wooden table top near a window.

I liked the simple composition of these three bottles on the wall of Cothele house.

This was a beautiful silver birch tree that was growing in the expansive grounds of Cothele house. More impressive in ‘real’, it was almost etherial; completely silver and contrasting magnificently with the colours in the gardens surrounding it.

At Cothele house again(!) there was a working mill, with a fully functional water wheel. With the sun on it, the water droplets looked like diamonds and would have made for a great picture – but as the wheel turned at such speed it was difficult to really capture the effect. This is my best effort though!


We also took a day trip to Plymouth, close to where my Dad grew up. I was surprised at how nice it was after the way the locals had talked about it (including my own auntie and cousin who still live there!). As you can see, it has a lovely coastline, with an interesting old-school lido just waiting for summer to come around. The weather was stunning on that day, helping us all to feel like we were abroad.

While in Plymouth we visited their excellent national aquarium, where they had a range of fantastic sea-creatures on display. One of my favourite displays was the jellyfish, and although this picture wasn’t composed quite how I’d like it to be, the colours were too fantastic not to post it.

This is the view as we pulled into Polruan, a small town where we were able to catch a foot ferry over to the popular town of Fowey. Although we only parked in Porluan, the view was absolutely breathtaking. I only wish I had a panoramic lens so I could show you the full effect.

While we were on holiday, it was my birthday! As such, I was allowed to choose the family activity that day. So off we went to Newquay Zoo, which was one of the nicest, best presented zoos I’ve ever been to. It’s not the biggest I’ve seen, but they had such a fantastic range of interesting animals that we all had a great time.

Keith took a fantastic picture of a peacock that was strutting around the gardens that I had to post. The lemurs were extremely relaxed as you can see, and I loved the look on the focal lemur’s face! Despite the ‘’ adverts making my skin crawl, apparently I’m still able to enjoy real-life meerkats; we loved watching the adults and babies bouncing around, full of the joys of spring.

Finally – although the quality of the lion picture is poor as it was taken through a fence, I posted this picture to prove a point. As Keith and I watched the lions being fed, one of the other spectators ‘informed’ us that lions do NOT use their teeth to eat meat, they just ‘lick’ it clean. I found this hard to believe, and I think the photographic evidence speaks for itself. Wally.

Finally, we visited a little harbour town called Polperro. I loved this village, with me and Keith spending most of our time there daydreaming about where we could live and what kind of tiny business we could run to sustain ourselves. It had a tiny little beach with a tiny little cave, which is where I took the top two photographs. I switched to black and white to try to get a wistful picture of Keith, and I think I succeeded! I love this photo of him. Finally, on our way back through the meandering streets of the town, we came across a very relaxed, incredibly gorgeous dog, who was not at all perturbed by being photographed.

Overall, this is just a snapshot of the holiday. We went on lots of great day trips and took hundreds of photos, and these are my favourite picks. If you’re curious, all my photos were taken on my Canon 40D.


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  1. 1 Peter

    Also, some lions don’t even need their tongues. They’re called Brundlelions.

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