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What the frog?


Today I went to a garden party. It was a fundraising event in aid of the GDS (Gillingham Dramatics Society), an amateur dramatics group with whom I’ve performed a number of shows and pantos. Whilst there, I was offered a cup of tea, which I gratefully accepted. But halfway through my drink, I started to […]

I reckon I spend an average of 49 hours a week using the internet, sometimes more. Whether it’s for my job or my own personal use, me and the internet are like that (see picture). Every day I’m bombarded with links to content, photos, presentations, talks, music; you name it, I get it. As I […]

This week, I want to have a quick chat about corporate blogs, as they’ve become an essential addition to many websites in recent years. First I want to approach whether or not companies should really be blogging in the first place, and secondly (in a separate post), how to invent, maintain and manage the persona […]