What the frog?


Today I went to a garden party. It was a fundraising event in aid of the GDS (Gillingham Dramatics Society), an amateur dramatics group with whom I’ve performed a number of shows and pantos.

Whilst there, I was offered a cup of tea, which I gratefully accepted.

But halfway through my drink, I started to notice something emerging in my mug. First of all I thought it must be the teabag. But on closer inspection, it was not a teabag and had a sort of, frog-like appearance.

Preturbed – I showed my brother-in-law, who also felt concerned by what he saw. He emptied the tea into a nearby bush and this is what we found inside:

Frog in a teacupIt was a novelty frog-in-a-mug. This is actually not that funny if you’re not expecting it! I mean, it’s a good for a joke and all, but who serves up tea at a garden party in this mug?

I just wanted to share that with you all, in case you should ever feel inclined to serve tea in some such mug. Please, don’t.


8 Responses to “What the frog?”

  1. 1 Holliday

    i would also find that somewhat disturbing!

  2. 2 Becky

    I want to leave a comment, but don’t know what to say. It is funny! but unpleasant.

  3. 3 Peter

    That would be good as a baking form, for toad in the hole.

  4. 4 edstockham

    i had this exactly mug when i was a kid. the best.

    • 5 Jo

      Me too!! That’s how I found this blog…looking for a pic to show my partner. A true childhood memory. I want to buy one for my frog/bug obsessed nephew.

      • Haha, it’s good to meet someone else who’s ‘enjoyed’ this frog mug as well. Good luck finding one for your nephew!

  5. 7 JoyW

    How coincidental that, out of nowhere I though of this frog mug from my childhood, googled it and found this blog….the saem day someone else posted on this blog commenting a similar thing. Not sure if you’ve had any luck, but I found a relatively pricey one ($24) here

    • Excellent work! I’m very tempted to buy a couple myself. I didn’t realise the frog-mug would be my blog’s biggest traffic driver!

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