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On Tuesday just passed, I went to see Toy Story 3 with my boyfriend. I’d heard that the film could move you to tears. And I cried all right! *SPOILER ALERT* Please don’t read ahead if you don’t want to know what happens in Toy Story 3. At one point in the film, Andy’s toys […]

On first look, this game ticks all the boxes. Does it have cowboys? Yes! Horses? Yes! Cool, nonchalant main character? Yes! Set in the Wild West? Hell yes! I was sold. Although as it turned out, my boyfriend bought me the game as a present to cheer me up so I didn’t even have to […]

On a similar note to my Mann Countrywide rant – I have been similarly unable to unsubscribe from job ad emails, which I subscribed to around 3 years ago. Today I received my usual unwanted email, and couldn’t help but laugh when I saw their unsubscribe link at the bottom. Obviously only added to […]

Earlier today, my attention was drawn to a blog post by Nicholas Carr on the subject of ‘delinkification’. Simply put – he advocates the removal of hyperlinks from the body of online content, opting instead to list all relevant links at the bottom of the piece. A similar subject was covered within a blog post […]