A bit of Sunday poetry


Today while studying for my linguistics degree course, I felt inspired to write a little poetry. This is my first in maybe 10 years and was just for fun. Enjoy!

Pottery cat

She tries to jump but just falls short

She sadly failed to abort

Her tiny claws reach out to grasp

But fail to save her lower half

From sliding backwards off the side

A chip in her still fragile pride.

Picture of my cat, Kes

Noisy house

A battered toe, a cry of pain

Kes desperate to go out again

A brush makes contact with the wall

A neighbour’s child runs down the hall

A hacking cough comes from next door

Keith’s humming comes up through the floor

The football game on next doors screen

I hear the fans cheer for their team

Domestic woe erupts next door

Threatening to leave his wife once more

The cat is clawing at the rug

Its threads come looser with each tug

I find no peace on my settee

I think the world’s forgotten me



2 Responses to “A bit of Sunday poetry”

  1. 1 Becky

    I didn’t see these until just now – they’re really good Jen! I really like them. I’m looking forward to when you do get round to doing the creative writing course – although your other ‘factual’ writing is always excellent, I’m really hoping you’ll let me read your creative efforts, as I think you might actually be alright at it! ;o)

  2. Aw thanks Bec, that’s nice of you to say. I can’t help but feel they’re very amateurish, especially after having studied some of the poetry ‘greats’!

    I find poetry as a genre quite intimidating. From having learned to analyse a poem from a stylistic point of view, it seems there are a hundred techniques one can utilise that I never knew existed.

    I also imagine that just posessing that knowledge can stifle one’s creativity and natural flow. My poetry flows easily from my fingertips but may yield little of interest for the academic reader!

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