A poem from my Weight Watchers leader


Last week, I couldn’t attend my Weight Watchers weigh in as I went home for the weekend. I’ve only missed 3 weigh ins in 5 months – but I still received this motivational poem from my leader in my email today:

I know it was half term
Maybe the kids drove YOU round the bend
Could it be that YOU were too busy?
Or that biscuits were YOUR only friend?
I’m no schoolteacher & I’d never tell YOU off
I’m only here to help YOU make sure
YOU get that weight loss
So this week come what may
I want YOU to come back
If YOU’RE losing motivation
Let me help YOU get back on track
I will give YOU a tracker
For YOU to write it on
Soon YOU’LL be amazed at how
Quickly those lbs have gone!
Follow YOUR dream; Take one step at a time
And, despite the challenges; Continue to climb.

Why does she keep capitalising the ‘YOU’? And no, biscuits aren’t my only friend ACTUALLY. In fact, I couldn’t attend the meeting this week as a result of a prior social engagement! With real, HUMAN friends.

If this is what I pay £20 a month for, I want my money back.


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