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Following the controversy surrounding the attempted rape scene that is to feature in the latest Tomb Raider game, I felt inspired to write my own little piece on Lara Croft as a role mode for young girls. As my parents likely remember, Tomb Raider 2 was the first game I owned on the PC at […]

On first look, this game ticks all the boxes. Does it have cowboys? Yes! Horses? Yes! Cool, nonchalant main character? Yes! Set in the Wild West? Hell yes! I was sold. Although as it turned out, my boyfriend bought me the game as a present to cheer me up so I didn’t even have to […]

As we grow up, the idea is that our parents or caregivers will teach us the difference between right and wrong. We exercise those ideas throughout adolescence, testing the boundaries and learning how it feels to do the wrong thing. Eventually, we reach adulthood with what is hopefully a well developed sense of good and […]

One of the small pleasures of being unemployed, is that I have *slightly* more time to play on my Xbox 360 (only slightly, mind you). Just recently, I invested in Mass Effect 2, a fighty-role playing game that follows on from the very popular original, Mass Effect. To get straight in there – I am […]