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Over the last 3 years, it feels like the world has woken up to the advantages of online content. Working in digital, I’ve rarely needed to extol the virtues of content. But recently, someone suggested to me that on-site content could actually distract customers from the main goals of a website: to obtain new customer leads. […]

This week, I was lucky enough to win a ticket to Econsultancy’s Digital Shorts event on the HMS President. Econsultancy looked after us with lots of free tea and drinks, a tasty lunch and a very nice venue. I was only slightly queasy by the end and decided to end my boat-themed day by catching the Thames […]

So Google wants us to go social. But what if we don’t have anything to say?

I reckon I spend an average of 49 hours a week using the internet, sometimes more. Whether it’s for my job or my own personal use, me and the internet are like that (see picture). Every day I’m bombarded with links to content, photos, presentations, talks, music; you name it, I get it. As I […]