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Let me briefly set the scene. There is a price comparison site. The site holds tens of thousands of products, organised into categories each with individual attributes by which they can be sorted. Situation A Customer A wants to buy some wet dog food. They arrive at the homepage of the site and click on […]

As we grow up, the idea is that our parents or caregivers will teach us the difference between right and wrong. We exercise those ideas throughout adolescence, testing the boundaries and learning how it feels to do the wrong thing. Eventually, we reach adulthood with what is hopefully a well developed sense of good and […]

Today, Keith and I had a day off work together. The weather was nice, we were both up early and both had a craving to get out. Considering that our original plan for seaside fish and chips last weekend went awry, Keith thought that maybe we should try again. In a ‘pin in the map’ […]