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What the frog?


Today I went to a garden party. It was a fundraising event in aid of the GDS (Gillingham Dramatics Society), an amateur dramatics group with whom I’ve performed a number of shows and pantos. Whilst there, I was offered a cup of tea, which I gratefully accepted. But halfway through my drink, I started to […]

In April this year, I went on holiday to Port Wrinkle in Cornwall with my boyfriend Keith, my parents, my big sister Becky and her husband Rich. We had a great house with an awesome view, and even the weather was on our side. Instead of giving a step-by-step guide to the holiday, I’m going […]

Today, Keith and I had a day off work together. The weather was nice, we were both up early and both had a craving to get out. Considering that our original plan for seaside fish and chips last weekend went awry, Keith thought that maybe we should try again. In a ‘pin in the map’ […]

I had such a great day today that I felt compelled to blog about it. My gorgeous boyfriend and I had a craving for a fish and chip lunch. So we got up at 8am and checked the weather; it was beautiful – not a cloud in the sky! We decided to head to the […]

If anything good has ever happened to you in life, the likelihood is you’re going to be nostalgic about it at a later date. But what really amazes me, is my ability to be nostalgic about things that I’m pretty sure I never liked/enjoyed in the first place. Here is a primary example. In 2006, […]