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I was inspired by a blog post from the Open University today, that gave the top 3 tips on how not to get a job. When I say inspired; I’m pretty much going to rip it off. In the post, the author talks about how she received an email from a graduate canvassing for jobs, […]

Super Hans
Super Hans!

If I were to make a list of the 5 most stressful things I’ve had to experience in life so far, it would go something like this: Driving test Job interview/s Moving house Bad break-ups Organising a long distance holiday I’ve got a job interview this Friday morning, and it’s my first in about 2 […]

If anything good has ever happened to you in life, the likelihood is you’re going to be nostalgic about it at a later date. But what really amazes me, is my ability to be nostalgic about things that I’m pretty sure I never liked/enjoyed in the first place. Here is a primary example. In 2006, […]